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Dental Professionals

Dental Professionals



Green dentistry is good for the planet, your patients, and your practice bottom line.

For the green dental office team, it offers a healthy work environment and an approach to dentistry that leverages the best each team member has to offer.

The EDA website is the green dental professional’s information clearinghouse and connection to like-minded patients and industry professionals.

Tap into resources for your field of interest:

For Practice Owners & Practice Managers

Green dentistry can recession-proof your practice: boosting your bottom line, reducing marketing costs, and attracting a patient base who will value your services.

Green dentistry means more than just locating in a green building, it encompasses dental office processes & procedures, and office administration and marketing.

It means leveraging your hygiene department and the best assets of your front and back-office team.

  • Stay tuned to the latest in green dentistry practice management in the EDA Blog

For General Dentists and Specialists

Green dentistry is the future of dentistry! Health care is shifting from a "dis-ease” model to a well-care model, helping patients achieve a lifetime of wellness.

Consumers are seeking professionals who can help them look and feel healthier, live longer, and maintain a balanced lifestyle. They’re concerned about the materials and ingredients they put in their bodies, and seek high-tech approaches that enhance early detection and promote less-invasive care.

Green dentistry reflects your commitment to the health of your patients and the planet. Attract and serve high-quality, wellness lifestyle patients, position your practice for long-term success, and leverage the strongest assets of your team, all while reducing costs and lightening your load on the planet.

For Hygienists

Green dentistry is wellness lifestyle dentistry. It not only recognizes the systemic link, it leverages the critical role that professional oral hygiene care plays in maintaining overall good health.

You don’t have to work in a green dental practice to promote oral care that is good for the planet.

There are actions and product choices you can take in your own operatory to make a difference. You have the power to create a more fulfilling, healthier and cost-effective working environment.

  • Buy prophy paste in bulk and scoop it into reusable cups that can be sterilized. It’s cheaper!
  • Have you had adverse health impacts that you believe are related to the chemicals you’ve been exposed to at work? Take the EDA’s Survey for Dental Office Staffand help us ensure a safe environment inside and outside the dental practice.

For Registered Dental Assistants

You do more than assist. You provide a foundational role of support for patients, the clinical team, the doctor, and the front office.

But do the dental processes and products you come in contact with every day make the most of your assets and support your long-term health?

The high-tech nature of a green dental practice makes the most of your training, and leverages your chair-side skills. No more spending hours a day in a toxin-filled x-ray developing closet: green dentistry places the RDA at the forefront of patient relationship-building and education.

Even if the dental office in which you work doesn’t position itself as green, you have a role to play in ensuring the safety of your work environment for your own long-term health.

  • Have you had adverse health impacts that you believe are related to the chemicals you’ve been exposed to at work? Take the EDA’s Survey for Dental Office Staff and help us gather data about the dental office environment. (Coming Soon!)
  • Learn more about the benefits of a toxin-free working environment in the EDA Blog.

For Dental Students

You are the future of our profession and our planet. The health care field is shifting to eco-friendly, wellness based practices and dentistry is at the forefront of preventive care.

A whole body, wellness-based approach is a key to a successful future in any medical field, and especially in dentistry.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." -Thomas Edison

Don’t wait to graduate before gaining the knowledge and resources you’ll need to meet the expectations of tomorrow’s dental patient. The EDA offers resources for students who are leaders in bringing green dentistry into their schools, or who want to stay abreast of the latest products and best practices in the industry before you see your first patient.